Dear Rob,

I’m sure businesses still look forward to customer comments so Ginni and I would like to give you and Wright Flooring a testimonial based upon our
recent wood floor installation.

Too often in today’s world businesses knowingly promise more than they deliver. From the first time I visited you at your old location to our last visit prior to committing to the installation you were not pushy or over bearing and extremely helpful and supportive of our vision for our “pub room”. Your suggestion to remove a small portion of tile at our entry way was a smart move for the overall look of the floor even though it pained me to do it since I busted my cookies to install it just a couple of months ago.

Likewise you assured us that, if anything was not done to our liking, you would see to it that it was fixed to our satisfaction. This too was done on two separate occasions without complaint or delay, the second of which was by you personally.

Thanks for doing it the Wright Way!!

Ginni & Ed Silva
Fort Myers, FL