To: Mr. Alan Wright

First off this is a better of thanks for installing my laminate flooring last Wednesday and Thursday at “382 Horizion Drive” in North Ft. Myers.
I have never written a letter like this but I was so impressed with the experience that I just have to do it. From the moment I first met you at my house to saying goodbye to your installers, I never had a doubt that I had chosen the right company to do my flooring.

The “Can do” attitude just blew me away- Everyone made a good impression from you helping us through the whole selection process. To each of your installers taking care of every little thing I wanted done (I especially like the way you started out by showing us satisfied customers in my own neighborhood that I could go talk to if I wanted to. And that is why I chose your company)

However it was your installers that really impressed me. Everyone had the attitude that they were not only going to do the job right but they also were going to do it to my satisfaction. I never saw any signs of anyone hurrying to get the job done. In fact I saw several times when they took the extra time to make sure it was done correctly. Any questions or request I had they fixed to my satisfaction on the spot.

For some reason, I felt like I was their only customer and it impressed so much that I just had to write this letter and let you know what a great crew you have working for you.

I truly believe that no one could have done better. That’s how impressed I am with their work.

One happy customer

Dave Howe
North Fort Myers, FL